Senin, 01 Desember 2008

mistake and false i did

When u make mistakes, what happened ti u so u could do that without thought it before,

I had done those mistakes, to uci,dwi irianti and dwi palupi.

First mistake is to dwi palupi , I thought that’s what shouldn’t was ok to be said to only one fren , a best fren also, n because it had been a month ago… but what I’d done was so stupid , I lost , I will lose fren like dwi. Maybe she will never believe me again…

Second is a kiddin’ story that’s I thought its ok to say from a fren to another fren that’s has relationship between…but what I had told was the most important things that shouldn’t known by a fren, that make her hurt….and another fren will angry that’s a joke should be just between us…I lose another frens uci and dwi irianti

I apologize to uci, dwi irianti, dwi palupi ….

I will remember u all, and remind my falses to u to make sure I will never do the same again, I don’t wanna lose my frens….

I know that’s I have broken the friendship because my stupid act,,that I never thought would be like this ,,,n I will make sure it will never happened again, I know I will be not be ur frens, because all of my false,

In these coming time I wish I can repair all these mistakes,as well as I can, although I dunno could I make it better again, for u all, although I know I will be not believed anymore…I wish I can be ur fren everlasting but my mistakes,I will have the responsibility…I am really sorry..i promise it will never happen again…

A fren will never hurts their frens,I am not kinda a fren like that…I am really sorry

Dwi palupi

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